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QDC Wedding comes from the fusion of two worlds with a shared vision: creating unforgettable events. 

We are Claudio Questa and Gabriele Del Cane, and we founded QDC Wedding to fulfill our biggest dreams: to plan and set up unforgettable and emotional events and weddings. 

Our greatest satisfaction? The moving glances and looks of our newlyweds, their hugs at the end of the event, and the warm and sincere reviews from our couples. 

We operate throughout Italy and are certified in Destination Weddings, planning weddings in locations far from the couple’s city of residence, serving both Italian and international clients. 

We have coordinated weddings in Rome, Venice, Trentino Alto-Adige, Lombardy, and Sardinia. 

Are you dreaming of getting married in another city or willing to tie the knot in Rome while living in another region? We are the perfect wedding planners for you. 

We walk the couples through every step of the planning process, from choosing the right vendors to site inspections, covering setup, catering selection, and precise budget planning. Our goal is to make your dream wedding a reality! 

about us

Claudio Questa & Gabriele Del Cane

Claudio Questa e Gabriele Del Cane, Wedding Planner per QDC - Ph. Benedetta Rescigno
destination wedding planner

Claudio Questa

Claudio Questa is a WEA Academy-certified Wedding Planner specializing in Destination Weddings, with over 20 years of experience as a language mediator and professional translator from English and German. 

Claudio is a passionate reader, movie-buff and film and crime fiction collector. His passion for visuals and literary storytelling deeply influences his event design work, guiding couples like an inventive White Rabbit in Wonderland. 

Claudio is also a precise and punctual planner, anticipating and managing any unforeseen circumstances with an expert touch, just like a surfer riding the highest wave. Organizing and managing an event fuel his energy and his ability to listen to the client’s needs with extraordinary levels of empathy and sensitivity. 


Claudio Questa e Gabriele Del Cane, Wedding Planner per QDC - Ph. Benedetta Rescigno
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Gabriele Del Cane

Gabriele Del Cane is a Floral Designer and professional Event Planner with 20 years of experience in event and setup design.  
Since 2015, he has been a Floral Design teacher at the WEA Academy. 

He loves beauty in all its forms, fearlessly experimenting with different and unusual materials. Gabriele has the ability to make every moment warm and meaningful, both in life and work. 

Getting to know Gabriele means entering a world of details, poetry, and imagination. He unlocks his extraordinary creativity and experience to bring a couple’s desires to life, creating the perfect mood to express the unique soul and heart of each couple. 


Our Couples

Sam & Isabella

My husband and I can't thank them both enough for creating the most perfect wedding for us and our guests. We highly recommend them as wedding planners and hope to stay in touch for years to come.

Randy & Malayka

All in all they gave us everything we wanted and more, we could not have asked for better planners. Thank you QDC!

Mattia & Angelica

A couple of true professionals in planning but also decorating our day, thanks to their certifications as professional Destination Wedding Planners and Floral Designers! 

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