Rumtopf literally means "rum pot". It is one of the countless typical beverages that we have discovered in the Dolomites, Northern Italy. It is basically a method to soak diced fruit for at least two months in rum and sugar, which act as a preservative. The aim is to...

Buckwheat Spätzle on a bed of Squash

We at QDC Wedding love the mountains, and that's a fact. But we equally love good food: here's an incredible variant of one of the most popular Tyrol recipes in Italy we found online. Ladies and gentleman, meet the buckwheat spätzle on a bed of squash. For those of...

Chicory and Rice Soup

Our new recipe this month is one of the most peculiar, tasty and sought-after Italian dishes, easy to cook and inspiring, especially for those of you who intend to visit our country in Winter. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our chicory and rice soup. Christmas holidays...
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Quando? Dove? Come?

When? Where? How? From the exquisitely laid tables seen in Downton Abbey to the secrets of the ideal wedding planner: news, trends, insider’s tricks, etiquette, peculiar venues and customized ideas.

Trends & Styles for Christmas 2020

Trends & Styles for Christmas 2020

This Christmas is going to be a peculiar one all over the world. Large gatherings won’t be permitted, our celebrations will be more intimate, our tables will be shared with very few among our dearest ones, and living at home will have a different and more profound...

Up To The Sky!

Up To The Sky!

Getting married on the Dolomites? Why not? Oh… Yes, that could easily be an event you will never forget!   One of the many strong points in choosing our services is our true, passionate love for the Dolomites. Let us help you live an original and exceptional...

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