Are you into the big Bridgerton sensation, the brand-new series on Netflix?
Have you noticed the main family always wear blue clothes? Here’s why…

In the past, colors had a different and more profund meaning.

Just like with every object not handy, the rarest colors were also the most expensive ones.

In the ancient world, each color had its own price.
Carbon black, very easy to get, was cheap; on the contrary, lapis lazuli, with its unique shade of blue, was extremely expensive.

For our ancestors, blue was more valued than black, and in general more precious than all other colors.

Its impact on fashion and interior design has been significant: nobles and aristocrats used to wear blue clothes to show off their status.

A great case in point is given by the clothes worn in Bridgerton, brand-new Netflix series, where the members of the main family all wear blue costumes.
In contrast, the members of the antagonist Featherington family wear less “royal” colors, such as green and pink.

The same color is used for tapestries and furnitures in the family home.
Interestingly, the costume and set designers have picked a peculiar shade of blue, called wedgwood, used for refined pottery particularly in vogue at the time.


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