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Getting married in a different country poses a lot of questions, such as “How much time do we need to get married in Italy?” or “What is the cost for renting a venue for additional days?”

Based on our experience, Brits, Americans, Europeans or Canadians come from different places, but they all have the same initial questions.

This is the reason why we at QDC Wedding have collected the most frequent questions our couples ask us, and included them here for your convenience. We hope these will be of great use to you!

Of course, we know you’ll have more question along the way, and we know every wedding is unique. For any additional doubts, and to start getting to knowing us, we’ve got you covered: contact us to arrange a live meeting!


How much time do I need to get the required documentation for getting legally married in Italy?

The term varies based on country requirements.  
In any case, please note that documents are valid for 6 months.  
Averagely, three months should be enough to get the required documentation 

Do you personally take care of the process to get legally married in Italy?

We do not personally take care of the whole process, but we work with trusted consultancy partners that will be more than happy to help you. 

Which documents do I need to get legally married in Italy?

A no impediment certificate (nulla osta) released by the Italian Consulate (and legalised by the Italian Prefettura) or the competent authority of your country and a personal ID. 



On average, what is the largest expenses for the wedding?

The venue/catering service generally equals 50/60% of your wedding budget. 



How far in advance should I start organising my wedding in Italy?

Up to 9/10 months in advance is the perfect time to start organising your wedding. 



What is the SIAE and why is it important for my wedding?

SIAE is the acronym for Società Italiana Autori ed Editori.  
It is the Italian copyright tax due for the music/entertainment portion of every public event, including your wedding.  
It is to be paid by the couple and varies by number of guests and based on the execution of live or recorded music.

What is the tourist tax and how does it work in Italy?

The tourist tax is an Italian tax that must be paid per person for each night of your stay.  
This tax has variable costs depending on the municipality and the number of nights.  
It is collected by hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels and campsites

Are all credit cards accepted in Italy?

Most of the times, but not everywhere.  
In Italy, all business owners must accept credit cards, but based on experience it is always advisable to travel with some cash, especially in smaller and less popular locations. 

What is the best way to travel around Italy?

It depends on the distance you’d like to reach.  
For longer and most popular destinations, if you are not willing to rent a car, trains are generally the best option in terms of time and money. 

Are there specific providers where we can rent linens and cutlery for our wedding in Italy?

You don’t need to!  
The good news is that Italian catering services and/or restaurants already include a selection of linens, cutlery, tables and chairs in their quotations! 

What does your wedding planning service include?

We always create our quotations based on the couple’s specific needs, including the budget.  
This means that no quotation is identical to another, but here’s what we include as our basic offer: 

  • phone or mail advice 
  • venue and catering scouting 
  • assistance in the budget definition and allocation 
  • wedding design and creative advice on the event 
  • scouting of professional suppliers, such as photographers, musicians, etc. 
  • site inspection 
  • art direction on the day of the event 


How can you help us with the wedding design?

We’ll help you translate your ideas into reality, find your style and theme for your wedding, and choose colors, flowers and materials for your wedding arrangement.  
Gabriele at QDC Wedding is a certified Floral and Wedding Designer that can help you arrange your event from A to Z. 

We do not speak Italian. Who can help us?

We got you covered!  
Claudio at QDC Wedding is a certified Interpreter and Translator from and into English and a certified Destination Wedding Planner.  
No need to worry about language barriers! 

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