Have you ever been on a first date?
We have.
That’s just how we met…

You know our jobs, you’ve seen our arrangements, our table settings.
You’ve seen pictures from our events, you are familiar with our faces, you have an idea on how we work, our interests, but there’s one thing we’ve just realized: Gabriele and I have not properly introduced ourselves yet.
Nor have we told you how we met.


The picture above might be familiar to some of you: Gabriele and I first met… in front of the cameras of the Italian edition of First Date. For those of you who don’t know it, it is a reality show broadcast all over the world. Two people meet at dinner, without knowing anything about each other. After dinner, they will decide if they want to see each other again or not.


What can we say?
It’s been a dinner packed with fun and emotions!
We’ve found out we had a lot of things in common, especially in terms of how we see life and values.
A dinner where we spoke, rather than eat.
A date that opened a chance for us to move forward and get rid of uncertainties and insecurities.


In time, we have built a solid relationship, based on fun and mutual respect.
But most importantly, we have realized we could create a unique synergy on a professional level as well.
It’s been more than natural for us to help you create something magic and unique, just like in our experience.

Today we celebrate our third anniversary, and we’d like to share this day with you.


If you’re in Italy and would like to watch our First Date episode, go to discovery +, look for Primo Appuntamento, Season 2, episode ten.
You can watch the episode by subscribing to a 7-day free trial period.*

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