Getting married on the Dolomites? Why not?

Oh… Yes, that could easily be an event you will never forget!


One of the many strong points in choosing our services is our true, passionate love for the Dolomites.

Let us help you live an original and exceptional experience.

Getting married barefoot, on a beach, on a lovely sunny day can be tantalizing and emotional.

But it is not as peculiar as saying “I do!” on a mountain top, surrounded by breathless landscapes and green hills or snowy villages.

Among many Italian destinations suited “for the job”, we picked San Martino di Castrozza, in Northern Italy (my personal holiday destination for more than 30 years now).

San Martino di Castrozza belongs to the municipality of Primiero (Trento).

It is a holiday resort particularly renowned for its unique location, at the foot of the spectacular Dolomites mountain range “Pale di San Martino“, World Heritage Site.

The first hotel built in San Martino di Castrozza dates back to 1873.

This year marks the official “birth” of the town as one of the most visited mountain resorts in Italy.

The choices on the Dolomites are infinite.

In winter and summer, many ski lifts and cable car allow you and your guests to enjoy spectacular views.

Take a walk on mount “Rosetta” or the “Tognola” lodge, both over 2,000 meter-high gems sorrounded by massive mountains and green lawns.

You and you beloved ones might choose to ski back to the village in a friendly competition.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a warm, sunny day on top and many walking paths, from easy to hard ones.

Food, here, is one of the main attractions.

Whether you choose to spend your day among the clouds or in the not-less-enchanting town centre, there are plenty of choices.

Chalets, lodges and restaurants are more than happy to provide you with one of the excellences of our country.

Particularly renowned in this area are the so-called “canederli” (Semmelknödel), big, tasty homemade gnocchi with a mixture of stale bread, milk, eggs, speck (Italian smoked ham), Alp cheese, and parsley.

he pig’s knuckle, usually baked and server with polenta, is another typical dish of the area particularly appreciated by the tourists.

The Spätzle, on the other hand, are small gnocchi of irregular shape made with wheat flour, eggs and water, usually served with cream and speck.

A typical mountain dish is incomplete without a proper dessert.

The area serves dozens of sweets with different tastes, from buckwheat cakes to berry pies.

The strudel, with apples, pine nuts, raisins and cinnamon, is unanimously considered the top of the desserts.

San Martino di Castrozza offers a wide range of accomodation, from luxury hotels to cozy lodges and apartments.

Most of them are built in wood to give an additional flavour in line with the surrounding environment.

Think about choosing an alternative and original way to spend your best day of your life.

Try the Dolomites, and give your friends a chance to taste a hidden side of Italy that will take your breath away!

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