Nicholas & Jillian

A Secret Elopement in Rome 

Nicholas and Jillian contacted us on March 31st, 2023, with a daring idea: to organize a secret elopement in Rome on October 20th of the same year, in order to produce a video shooting that they would show their friends and family during their mid-November official wedding in Philadelphia! 

Their welcoming and easy-going approach was contagious, a dynamic and generous couple who clearly loves adventure. 

Their flash wedding would be held privately, with no guests or witnesses. 

Floral Arrangement, Art Direction & Table Setting: Claudio Questa & Gabriele Del Cane – QDC Wedding

Ph. & Video: GoldFoto

Venue: Hotel Forum 


A Romantic Escape in the Eternal City 

The mood of the wedding was as intimate as ever before, exciting and warm. 

The couple wanted to rent a terrace and a table for two at the restaurant of a luxury hotel in the City Center. 

The brief stay required a careful planning to minimize travel times. We have chosen a venue with breathtaking views: a terrace overlooking the Fori Imperiali, with an indoor restaurant for their intimate dinner. 

The hotel was a few steps away from the main historical sites for the photoshoot and for a leisurely stroll. 

The Setup

We designed an elegant, fresh, and refined setup for Nicholas and Jillian, with glass boules filled with flowers: lightness, transparency, and brightness were the code words. 

Their choice fell upon Hydrangeas, White Roses, and Lisianthuses: romantic and fragrant flowers, symbols of eternal elegance. We opted for glass materials, to enhance the breathtaking views on the Eternal City. 

As for the dinner, total white once again! As the sun went down, the glass vases highlighted the romantic city lights, matched with candles to create the perfect intimacy of a dinner for two, always with a focus on the cultural beauties of Rome. 

For her white bouquet, Jillian opted for orchids, a flower that embodies elegance and femininity. 

The Ritual

As a thanksgiving for organizing their event remotely – in fact, we only met them in person the day before their wedding! – Nicholas & Jillian asked us to be their officiants for their symbolic ritual.

As usual, we paid attention to every single detail.  
Our couple chose the ritual with flower petals. After their vows, Claudio poured the petals of the three flowers they chose for their arrangement in a glass bowl. After that, he asked the couple to join their hands above the bowl and poured some water.

Nicholas & Jillian washed their hands in the bowl with water and the flower petals, representing love, a thank you for understanding and sentimental openness: an unforgettable occasion to seal their love story with a romantic and emotional ceremony! 

An Unexpected Moment 

Nicholas and Jillian are a cheerful and joyful couple; their enthusiasm immediately attracted passersby and tourists during their photoshoot in Rome’s most iconic locations.

Caught up in the excitement of the moment, a group of Italian students unexpectedly and spontaneously joined in the group photo, providing a memorable photo-bombing moment for all of us! 

A Special Wish

Nicholas and Jillian have shown extraordinary love and passion. We wish them to keep their spontaneity and love alive for a lifetime. 

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Our Couples

Sam & Isabella

My husband and I can't thank them both enough for creating the most perfect wedding for us and our guests. We highly recommend them as wedding planners and hope to stay in touch for years to come.

Randy & Malayka

All in all they gave us everything we wanted and more, we could not have asked for better planners. Thank you QDC!

Mattia & Angelica

A couple of true professionals in planning but also decorating our day, thanks to their certifications as professional Destination Wedding Planners and Floral Designers! 

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