Colour and liveliness: the keywords for this mood. 

The shades of red, orange, and yellow remind us of berries at the end of summer, a mix-and-match of feelings and emotions. Our warm tone flowers: English Roses, Buttercups, and Hellebores.

This mood is specifically designed for those who love strong and lively colours. These vegetative flower arrangements recall cross-sections of gardens at the end of a thunderstorm.

The menu graphics is centered around red and gold hues, matching the colours of the arrangement. We have chosen  Fedrigoni Tintoretto, a bold and textured paper as white as snow, to support the arrangement contrasts.

Floral Arrangement, Art Direction & Table Setting: Claudio Questa & Gabriele Del Cane – QDC Wedding

Ph. Please No Cheese

Venue: La Belle Evoque

Graphics: Caterina Giannottu

Print & Producing: MAD Print Snc Roma

“One’s life, viewed as a whole, is always the answer to the most important questions”

Sándor Márai

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We hope you’ll feel inspired by our moodboard. 

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