Nature lovers crave for this design! 

Gold hues recall honey, the main inspiration for this mood. Matched with the green of leaves, it recounts the beauty of Nature and its various gifts.

The green of Eucalyptuses and Ruscus and the Freesia and Lisianthus flowers create a poetic contrast with gold.

For wedding announcements and menus, we have chosen Fedrigoni Materica, a soft and porous paper which reflects the green shades and the delicate watercolor illustrations. 

Floral Arrangement, Art Direction & Table Setting: Claudio Questa & Gabriele Del Cane – QDC Wedding

Ph. Please No Cheese

Venue: La Belle Evoque

Graphics: Caterina Giannottu

Print & Producing: MAD Print Snc Roma

get in the mood

“Each time you happen to me all over again…”

– Edith Warton




We hope you’ll feel inspired by our moodboard. 

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