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An Intimate and Romantic Wedding in Tuscia

Sam and Isabella, hailing from England, dreamt of tying the knot in Italy with an intimate and private ceremony, meticulously curated with a fresh and natural style.

Their vision included the rolling hills of Tuscany, abundant in greenery and tranquility, authentic flavors, and romantic vistas. 

Envisioning an extremely intimate affair with fewer than 10 guests, set in a nature-immersed space, their journey began with setting the budget ablaze and scouting for the perfect location.

Driven by their desire for greater intimacy and within the confines of the established budget, we identified Tuscia as the perfect setting for their ceremony and stay.

Here, our couple would find a landscape reminiscent of Tuscany, with private locations immersed in greenery at a more accessible cost.

Floral Arrangements, Art Direction and Table Setting: Claudio Questa e Gabriele Del Cane per QDC Wedding

Ph. Please No Cheese Photography

Venue: Parco dei Cimini, VT

The Perfect Jewel Wedding Venue:

The choice fell upon the Bio Resort Parco dei Cimini, a venue nestled in greenery, quiet, and perfect for creating secluded areas even for small groups.

Sam and Isabella fell in love with the venue at first sight, captivated by the beauty of the park and the freshness of the interiors.

Tavola imperiale wedding imbandita da QDC Wedding, foto di Yara Bonanni per Please No Cheese Photography

Rain-Proofing the Wedding:

Sam and Isabella envisioned an outdoor ceremony, but the wedding was scheduled for late May, a period when rain and spring showers are frequent in Tuscia.  

Therefore, we identified a gazebo in the heart of the park for our couple: nestled in greenery and covered, ready for any eventuality.  

As expected, this choice proved providential when, fifteen minutes before the ceremony, hail began to fall! In case of rain, every detail is important, and nothing should be left to chance.  

Thus, we also arranged for a jeep transport for the guests and the couple to avoid walks in the park under the hail, which could have soaked and dirtied attire and attendees.  

An essential part of our job is to anticipate these unforeseen circumstances and prepare for the “emergency plan” well in advance to maintain a relaxed and festive atmosphere. 

Natural and Delicate Arrangements:

In the floral and table arrangement, we crafted a simple, rustic yet elegant and refined design. We embraced a warm, spring palette of dark green and intense red, complemented by bright hints of ochre and warm yellow from the magnificent sunflowers, the bride’s favorite flower.

We opted for the same flowers for the setup, bouquet, table, and boutonnieres, creating a unique stylish touch to the ceremony. 

As a small gift for the guests, the couple chose a gourmet delicacy from Tuscia: honey. We carefully selected a special supplier, and Gabriele personally handcrafted the packaging for each gift. 

The ceremony area, the first we managed as officiants, was adorned with suspended circles of flowers, light and delicate, swaying with the wind, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. 

The ritual also included a highly emotional symbolic moment: the ‘memory box.’ After the ceremony, the bride and groom placed a wedding memento in a box that will be reopened on their first anniversary. Sam and Isabella placed in their memory box the comb adorned with her flowers and his boutonniere. 

A Unique and Unforgettable Emotion: 

The intimate atmosphere of the wedding fostered a familial and cozy, relaxed, and joyful ambiance. All the guests, not just the couple, felt part of a special moment, sharing the emotion of each instant.

Sam and Izzy’s excitement and joy infected everyone present, making this wedding a truly unforgettable event. 

QDC Wedding: By Your Side for Your Dream Wedding

We at QDC Wedding are proud to have played a part in making Sam and Izzy’s wedding day truly special.

Our mix of experience and expertise—creative, logistical, and linguistic—allows us to manage every aspect of the event, from choosing the location to the setup, anticipating every unforeseen circumstance, and coordinating the ceremony smoothly and stress-free. 

Our newlyweds left us a beautiful testimonial, which we share with you because it touched us deeply! 

If you too dream of an intimate and romantic wedding, let’s discuss it together! 



Our Couples

Sam & Isabella

My husband and I can’t thank them both enough for creating the most perfect wedding for us and our guests. We highly recommend them as wedding planners and hope to stay in touch for years to come.

Randy & Malayka

All in all they gave us everything we wanted and more, we could not have asked for better planners. Thank you QDC!

Mattia & Angelica

A couple of true professionals in planning but also decorating our day, thanks to their certifications as professional Destination Wedding Planners and Floral Designers! 

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